Major Players in TelePresence Market

TelePresence is still relatively new segment of the overall video-conferencing market and the technology is still progressing. According to research, the market for TelePresence system is expected to grow from $3.8 billion in 2011 to $12.8 billion in 2018. The leading vendors providing the TelePresence solutions are:



Cisco has the greatest impact in the TelePresence market and is believed to have around 50% market share. Cisco offers a wide range of TelePresence solutions ranging from immersive dedicated rooms to flexible multipurpose rooms, to executive desktop systems, to mobile solutions to industry-specific solutions. Cisco products meet the demands of largest enterprise as well as medium and small scale industries. Cisco has immersive TelePresence rooms spread across 150 countries. Presently, based on its reach, they seem to be the primary choice for telecom operators and system integrators BT Global Services, AT&T, Orange Business Services, Dimension Data etc. It also supports built-in algorithms that adjust the bandwidth consumption required for TelePresence meeting according to the network conditions. Cisco strengthened its TelePresence market with the acquisition of TANDBERG in 2010. Some of the popular Cisco TelePresence solutions are:

Cisco TelePresence TX900 Series: It provides maximum video immersion experience. It consists of TX9000 and TX9200 series. TX9000 series consist of single row which seats upto 6 people and TX9200 series consists of two rows which seats upto 18 people. They are capable of sharing three simultaneous video streams and one high-definition stream for content sharing and data collaboration.

Cisco TelePresence 3000 Series: It provides real-life meeting experience with board-room style table and can accommodate upto 6 participants from one location. It offers high-resolution video and audio with three cameras at different angles and 3 large 65’’ displays.

Cisco TelePresence MX300 and MX200 Series: It is a flexible multi-purpose room based product that is simple to deploy and can be used according to business needs and requirements. MX300 has 55-inch display screen whereas MX200 has 42-inch display support. It takes just 15 minutes to setup and initiate the TelePresence call.

Some other products from Cisco are Cisco TelePresence TX1300 Series bringing the immersive experience for general-purpose meeting, Cisco TelePresence System 1100 for one-on-one conversations, Cisco TelePresence Codec C90,C60,C40 supporting personalize and interactive personalized solutions for boardrooms, auditoriums, distance learning & telemedicine applications, Cisco TelePresence MSE Conferencing Series for high-definition video conferencing and voice communication. 

cisco telepresence


Polycom is believed to be the second largest player in terms of revenues in the TelePresence market. It has launched Open Visual Communication Consortium (OVCC) which fosters system-to-system interoperability. With the acquisition of HP’s video conferencing portfolio, Polycom has been able to provide better immersive environment with HP’s Visual Collaboration Studio. Its unique selling points focus on marketing, interoperability, low bandwidth and immersive TelePresence. It provides an exceptional immersive video experience that provides efficient and effective meetings. Some of the popular Polycom TelePresence products are:

Polycom RPX Solutions: This immersive solution delivers fully controlled and life-like experience. It can be used for executives and boardrooms meetings, corporate training and distance learning programs. It can fit upto 28 people with 2 to 4 screens. It uses H.264 for realizing lower bandwidth.

Polycom OTX Solutions: It is a high performance TelePresence solution designed for small groups. It provides the flexibility to be used either as a TelePresence meeting or conventional in-person meetings. It accommodates upto 6 peoples and uses three 65-inch LCD displays. It uses 21.5 inch OTX widescreen for content displays.

Some other notable products from Polycom are Polycom ATX Solutions for unique and customized TelePresence solutions, Polycom HDX 6000,7000 and 8000 series for RealPresence Room solutions, Polycom HDX 4000 & 4500 for desktop solutions and smaller meetings, Polycom RealPresence Mobile Solutions which provides HD video collaboration for Apple, Samsung and Motorola tablets.

polycom telepresence


Teliris is known to known for its user experience and great technical features. But its strength is undermined by its small size of its sale and support operations and trades in relatively few countries even after 12 years of existence. It offers quality video and audio communication, better interoperability and collaboration tools. It offers strong interoperability through H.323, H.320 and SIP devices. It runs its own Video Network Operatons Center and dedicated services providing greater control and visibility of video networks and endpoints. It has only two office location with limited partners and language support. They also don’t offer call recording or streaming and there is momentarily lag upon gestures and movements. It also offers FuzeBox Meeting which connects PCs and mobile conference to the TelePresence conference. Some of the popular Teliris products are:

Teliris VirtualLive TelePresence: It can accommodate upto 28 participants and 3 to 8 peoples per room. It provides intimate experience and full collaboration using picture-in-picture display and HD quality video at 30-60 frames per second. It can fit into existing conference room of the company culture and offers wide-band, high-quality integrated audio and video conferencing. It also provides highly secure environment.

Teliris Personal TelePresence is the cost-effective single screen TelePresence solution for single users and small offices. It uses 40-inch HD TelePresence display with video at 30 frames per second. It has also launched desktop solution and home TelePresence appliance for private meeting of remote individuals.   


LifeSize has low market share in the telepresence market. It is now a division of Logitech and delivers relatively cheaper and modular TelePresence solutions. It has established partnership with several audio-video specialists and collaboration tools developers to innovate around immersive rooms. LifeSize targets mid-size enterprise instead of large enterprises providing more affordable, flexible and configurable TelePresence alternatives. It has fallen behind its competitors in terms of providing immersive TelePresence solutions. LifeSize Conference 200 is its most popular product.

LifeSize Conference 200: It belongs to the TelePresence-Lite category and requires relatively much lesser bandwidth. It uses three or four screens to share documents and data in full high-definition motion. They are marketed not only for enterprises but also for solution integrators who could deliver managed service around the system. They are affordable and easy to deploy in the organization.


Magor is owned by telecom investor Terry Matthews and launched its product commercially only recently, in 2010. It has low level of market impact. It has good technical features. It doesn’t manufacture every component required for videoconferencing, instead it offers software base codec’s that support standard web servers, audio hardware and uses third-party screen. It doesn’t support multi-point control unit (MCU). It has issues related to bandwidth requirement and addressing it through the implementation of SVC. It is still developing on providing immersive telepresence solution. Its product are HD Trio, consisting of two-three cameras with three 65-inch screens; HD Duo, consisting of one-two cameras with two screens for video collaboration in shared places; HD Solo, personal telepresence solution with single screen and camera.