Medical Spas in USA: Offerings, Challenges and Opportunities

Medical Spa is one of the fast growing segments in Spa industry. In simple terms a Medical Spa or Medi-Spa is combination of a doctor’s office and a Spa. A medi-spa focuses on beauty treatments. Generally doctors offer aggressive and invasive treatments and Spa just basic ones. A medi-spa blurs this line and offers basic beauty treatments and less invasive procedures. Thus a medi-spa offers comfort of a spa and medical treatments of a doctor’s office.

Regulations and Procedures

In USA, regulation of medi-spa is not clear-cut. But as more and more medical Spas come in existence, it is likely to get clear. The choice of who will perform medical treatments in a medi-spa depends a lot on the type of procedure and state laws. While some procedures need a licensed doctor others a nurse practitioner and many require services of a aesthetician.

Common medical spa offerings

Some of the most common offerings of medi-spa include:

  1. Laser treatments
  2. Hair removal treatments
  3. Botox treatments
  4. Cellulite sessions
  5. Microdermabrasion
  6. Restylane injections
  7. Photorejuvenation
  8. Skin products
  9. Acne products

Benefits and issues related with medi-spas


  1. Get beauty treatments done in a relaxed environment of a Spa
  2. More medical treatments available as compared to a usual Spa
  3. Reliability of an experienced medical practitioner during treatments

Issues related with medi-spa

  1. The regulation related to medi-spas is still a gray area which is an area of concern
  2. Presently, the treatments at medi-spas are not covered by insurance firms as they are considered cosmetic procedures

Medi-spa : business opportunity and challenges
Medi-spa is a fast growing category and thus provides good business opportunities. Various models can be explored, some of them are:

  1. Existing Spas can extend their offerings by partnering with relevant medical practitioners
  2. Medical practitioners can diversify their offerings and open Spa to provide complete offerings

Medi-spa business can be profitable as it combines two important offerings for a customer but economic downturn has taken some sheen off the spa industry and thus challenges remain in terms of executing it as a business.