Mobile Operating System Market Share

Mobile phone technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Mobile operating system (OS) which drives most of the mobiles today has also undergone significant changes. Until 2008, Symbian was the dominant OS with more than 50 market share and Research in Motion (Blackberry) was second with close to 16. But in last 3 years, Symbian has lost lot of ground primarily to Android and iOS (Apple). Android is closing in the gap rapidly and the acquisition of Motorola recently, is expected to provide further momentum to its popularity.


Some pupular mobile operating systems in the market today are:

  1. Nokia's Symbian,
  2. Google's Android,
  3. Apple's iOS,
  4. RIM's BlackBerry OS,
  5. Microsoft's Windows Phone,
  6. Linux,
  7. HP's webOS,
  8. Samsung's Bada,
  9. Nokia's Maemo and MeeGo among many others. 

The trend for market share of the mobile OS is provided in the Exhibited below. 

                                                            Exhibit: Mobile OS share in % (as of July 2011)