Green Tea and its Benefits

Green tea is made solely with the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing. China is the major producer of green tea while Sri Lanka and Indonesia are producing mainly orthodox varieties of tea. 

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Indian Tea Market: Facts and Trends

India is second largest producer of tea in the world (2010). Indian tea production stood at 966 mn Kgs in 2010, slightly lower than 2009 production of 979 mn Kgs because of unfavorable weather conditions and pest attacks in tea plantations in Assam, major tea producing area in India. India’s production has remained stagnant since 2005 when it reached 945 mn Kgs.

Majority of the production is consumed within the country, in 2010, 193 mn Kgs (20% of the production of 2010) was exported and rest was used domestically. Despite large domestic consumption India stood fourth largest exporter of tea in the world. In 2009, the turnover of tea industry was in over INR 9,000 crore (USD 1.9 bn).

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Why is Andriod Better than Symbian?

Symbian has been popular with users, but the popularity has declined sharply in last 7 quarters and so the market share. Symbian (Nokia) because of its low score on technical architecture is competing badly against the Android open source architecture. Symbian is alone (Nokia) against a team of players (Google, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, SE, LG, etc.) for Android. Our team did some research and here, we are listing the benefits of high end Android OS over the high end Symbian OS (same range handsets) as perceived my users / experts. 

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What is Herbal Tea: Benefits, production and consumption

A herbal tea, tisane, or ptisan is a herbal or plant infusion and usually not made from the leaves of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis). Typically, herbal tea is simply the combination of boiling water and dried fruits, flowers or herbs.

Where is it produced?
South-East Asia, South America, South Africa, China, Japan etc.

Where is it consumed?
It is commonly consumed in China, Japan and South-East Asia. With many people looking for a more natural approach to their everyday aches, ailments and sicknesses, herbal tea remedies are becoming increasingly popular in all parts of the world.

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Platforms for Mobile Devices

Mobile platforms are intended to provide mobile software and mobile applications to the mobile devices.  Every mobile platform provides a unique environment for mobile application and software development. Mobile platforms have different compatibilities with different devices.

Popular mobile platforms – Android, App Catalog, App Store, Ovi store and Windows Phone Marketplace stores.  
Mentioned below in the Exhibit are the popular mobile platforms for the mobile devices. All these mobile platforms are the available in the market place and allow individual developer’s to develop applications on the platforms. The IDE for all these platforms are as well freely available. Samsung in second half of the 2010 has launched Samsung Bada.

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Medical Spas in USA: Offerings, Challenges and Opportunities

Medical Spa is one of the fast growing segments in Spa industry. In simple terms a Medical Spa or Medi-Spa is combination of a doctor’s office and a Spa. A medi-spa focuses on beauty treatments. Generally doctors offer aggressive and invasive treatments and Spa just basic ones. A medi-spa blurs this line and offers basic beauty treatments and less invasive procedures. Thus a medi-spa offers comfort of a spa and medical treatments of a doctor’s office.

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Top 5 PaaS adoption barriers

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is one of the three main categories of cloud computing service. PaaS adoption is gaining pace because of its benefits but there remain a few inhibitors / barriers.

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Growing Mobile Subscription

Mobile has revolutionized todays tele-communication industry, among all ICT aspects, mobile is leading the growth path. In a short period of time mobile subscription have overtaken fixed telephone lines. 

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How to Choose Right Cloud Backup

So many companies, so many plans, so many tariffs, this is a typical description for cloud backup market today. Just like there are so many companies in the cellular field, so are there in the cloud back up service field too, including several big names like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and so on and just like the cellular plans, they are of a wide range. Now, some plans may be good for some and be a complete waste to others. In cloud backup services there are some plans which might not be at all of any use to an individual while for other it may be the single most used feature.

The problem is that cloud backup service being essentially a very new and not too popular field, is very easy to get misguided and end up on a very bad deal. Here we try to explain how to choose the right vendor and the right plan by analysing the different kinds of needs and the services offered to tailor match each individual requirement.

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