Difference Between i3 and i5

Core i3 and Core i5 are processors that belong to the family of Intel Core processors. There are three generations of Intel Core processors and hence three generations of Core i3 and Core i5 processors. In each generation, there is a series of Core processors for desktop computers and a series of processors for mobile computers. Before we look into the features of these processors and where they are used, let us first understand how the processors are named.

Before going into key technical differences between i3 and i5, lets try to understand about intel processors, their naming and other important aspects.

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Difference Between Kindle and Nook

Kindle and NOOK are E-Readers/Tablets from Barnes & Noble and Amazon respectively. Both of them have come up with a series of devices that enhance the on-screen reading experience and make it as comfortable as reading a paper book. Although they initially began with offering E-Readers with advanced technology, they have now come to compete with each other in the production of high resolution HD tablets as well.

We will first discuss about the two readers, their models and their features and then based on the information provide the difference between the two.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is a “two way web”, where the input and the output, both are shared by the writer and the reader. It means media that is designed to be shared socially. There are several forms of Social Media like blogs, photo sharing, video sharing, podcasts, forums, rating and reviews as well as Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are millions of active users, hundreds of millions of conversations going on, hours of videos being uploaded; millions of tweets and thousands of blogs….the social media is going through a big bang where it is expanding immensely. The marketing opportunities through this Social Media are endless.

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Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

Social Media is not optional, because each brand will have a digital presence on the internet irrespective of whether it enters Social Media Marketing or not. If you will not write about your company, someone else will. Either you participate in Social Media and present your perspective or let your competitors or customers do it for you. Hence you are not left with much choice. Social Media Marketing protects your reputation and redefines your online image.

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What is Social Media Analytics

As the name signifies, Social Media Analytics is the practice of consolidating data from blogs and social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, and analysing that data to improve business. There are several advantages of Social Media Analytics but the most common use is gauging customer opinion for the betterment of customer service activities.

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Mobile Operating System Market Share

Mobile phone technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Mobile operating system (OS) which drives most of the mobiles today has also undergone significant changes. Until 2008, Symbian was the dominant OS with more than 50 market share and Research in Motion (Blackberry) was second with close to 16. But in last 3 years, Symbian has lost lot of ground primarily to Android and iOS (Apple). Android is closing in the gap rapidly and the acquisition of Motorola recently, is expected to provide further momentum to its popularity.

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Global Personal Computer Shipments: Key markets and Players

Global Personal Computer (PC) shipments stood at 85.2 mn units in second quarter of 2011, a 2.3% y-o-y gain. Global shipments for 2010 were 351 mn units, up almost 14% from 2009. It is observed that the PC shipments have been showing sign of slower growth as consumers are shifting focus to low cost notebooks.

The growth in US and EMEA market was negative but compensated by string growth in emerging Asian economies such as China and India. According to IDC China has dethroned USA as largest Personal Computer market in second quarter of 2011. This is the first instance when another country has overtaken US market. China’s demand is primarily fuelled by increased company and Government spending.

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Packaged Food Market in India

The packaged food market is in India is valued at USD 10 bn in 2010 and expected to double and reach USD 20 bn by 2014. Share of packaged food in overall food market will increase from 4% currently to 5% in 2014. Cereals (including pulses, spices), milk products and meat (including fish and poultry) are the top three segments in packaged food market in India.

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Nanotechnology Adoption: Key Challenges

In industry, innovations and new products are considered a continuation of the past technology. But nanotechnology cannot be typecast as any other industrial innovation. This is not merely a continuation of miniaturization from the micro to nano scale. In fact this is a huge discontinuity. The transition is quite disruptive with respect to analytics, material properties and in concepts. While nanotechnology holds lot of promises and is already impacting lot of industries (from healthcare to consumer goods, etc.) there exists lot of challenges ahead before it reaches its full potential. Some of the challenges that lie in the road ahead of nanotechnology are briefly discussed below:

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