Services Provided by Cloud Brokers

Cloud brokers act as intermediaries between cloud service providers and their customers. It is today considered as a game changer for cloud computing space. Cloud service brokerage is believed to provide several advantages to customers including:

  • Cost benefits by optimizing total cost of operation. This is ensured because a customer can choose from various available services from multiple vendors.
  • Flexibility in terms of cloud services and from multiple vendors. A customer also has flexibility of choosing from public and private cloud.
  • Helps businesses to focus on their core function and not spend energies on making cloud work.

Cloud service brokers

So how are these benefits delivered? How can cloud brokerage service achieve so much?  The answer lays the gamut of services it provides spreading across cloud services value chain. These services on a broad basis segregated into:

  • Sourcing and integration of cloud services: Cloud brokers help in efficient and cost effective sourcing of vendors for a firm. Customer can first compare and then choose from multiple services from multiple vendors based on what fits best. Not only it helps in sourcing, it also helps in purchasing the services and then integrating them with existing systems. Working with multiple cloud vendors have proved difficult in past as applications from two vendors seldom are compatible. Cloud brokers can help in this customization and integration too. Thus a job which would have taken long and tedious searching is done with relative ease.
  • Managing a cloud vendor : Vendor management is very important part of cloud services. The task becomes hectic for a customer when multiple vendors have to be handled. With Cloud service brokerage it can be done in a centralized manner. Contract management and billing can be handled in efficient manner for all vendors through single window. The vendor management is automated.
  • Control, checks and governance: Multiple applications, multiple vendors become difficult to control and govern. With cloud brokerage services the governance is centralized. Customers can check and control costs and make policies and apply them with ease. A business with these advance governance and trending tools can plan and forecast requirements with higher confidence.