Top 10 Cloud Computing Benefits

Top 10 Cloud Computing benefits are:

  1. Reduced Cost and Low initial investment – Converts the Capex cost into Opex. Reduces the initial investment in purchasing of software, licenses and hardware costs
  2. Incremental Costs, Pay as you go or pay per use model – Pay for what you use and use what you need and whenever & wherever you need.
  3. Quick access to service, no need to start with scratch – availability of ready to go cloud computing services with limited time for implementation and customization (if provided)
  4. Increased storage – Flexibility and elasticity in use and storage capacity. No need to initial and successively investing and concerning about storage related issues.
  5. Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) – Reduces the total cost of ownership (no need to buy an asset to use that asset) and other related costs of maintenance and support.
  6. Allows IT to Shift Focus – With the quick availability of cloud solutions and management of cloud services by cloud service providers, it frees an organization to leverage and focus their time on bringing innovations in their businesses.
  7. More Flexibility and Mobility – access information from anywhere, any location, on any device
  8. Optimum and efficient use of assets and resources – Reduces the non-utilization and underutilization of systems, software and resources.
  9. Highly automated – Solutions are delivered as a service (ready to consume).
  10. Hassle free service without concerning about issues like development, installations, maintenance, upgrades and decommissioning