Top 5 PaaS adoption barriers

Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is one of the three main categories of cloud computing service. PaaS adoption is gaining pace because of its benefits but there remain a few inhibitors / barriers.

Top 5 barriers for PaaS adoption are:

  1. Vendor lock-in: In vendor lock-in customers are dependent on a single vendor for some product or solutions. PaaS while requiring certain infrastructure, tools or framework to implement posses the vendor lock in situation.
  2. Sometimes limits on expansion: If the vendor has certain limitations or the underlining infrastructure or on the top applications has certain limitations, in turn imposes limitation on the PaaS.
  3. Easy of integration with the legacy platforms and systems: the PaaS solution offered by the vendor should be easily integrate-able with the legacy platforms and systems
  4. Low enterprise PaaS readiness index : The overall platform analysis -the cloud readiness of the enterprise and IT platform for going or adapting cloud should be high.
  5. Unproven pricing model – As the PaaS model is emerging hence has limited success stories and so the pricing model is still not emerged as an standard pricing model for PaaS.