Top Business Benefits of Mobility

There is tremendous increase in the number of people using mobility and mobile applications for daily and business usage. Not only this, there is significant increase in the sales of the mobile phones and downloads of the mobile applications in last few years, mainly driven by convenience and benefits it provides.

Business have also benefited from mobility. In many ways, it has changed many aspects of business, including marketing. Top benefits of the mobile applications (mobility) for businesses are listed below:

  1. Easier to connect with customers – Mobile phone penetration is increasing with more than 77% of the world population leveraging mobility, hence mobile apps are a great way to directly connect with the customer
  2. Real time connectivity – Mobile applications are connected with consumers in a real-time, intimate way, and therefore allow for immediate and precise information, consumer feedback and insight.
  3. Increase customer satisfaction – Mobility increases the customer satisfaction index through providing customer benefits like faster response, quicker problem resolution and more accurate billing
  4. Ease of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities – Mobility increases the probability and bring easiness in cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by providing the information and other contents in the real time.
  5. Shorten cash cycle – Mobility reduces time for collections and shorten cash cycles through quicker invoicing and more accurate capture of billable services
  6. Increases efficiency –Mobility increases efficiency by eliminating paperwork, standardizing processes, reducing travel time and improving decision-making in the field
  7. Messaging and Communications – Mobility provides with the facility to send targeted communications and advertisements to the selected groups of customers and prospects. There is robust increase in the data messages usage across the globe. 
  8. Managing tasks – Mobility helps in managing calendar, alerts, connections, location, work, reporting, calls etc on real time basis.