What is a Solar Roof Panel

Solar roof panels are a type of solar panels which are laid onto the roofs for solar energy usage. Solar energy which is absorbed by the structure is then converted to electricity. Solar roof panels are an important source of solar energy generation as they are mounted on roof-tops or places where the energy available is plentiful. Solar Panels are also important in remote places where the power grids are weak. Here the alternate solar lines can be exceedingly beneficial and thereby important.

Working of Solar Roof Panels

The solar panel being used can be of thermal collector type where the energy is absorbed in a liquid medium and the heat generated is used as an energy resource. It can also be of photovoltaic type where the light falling is converted to electricity through the panel design.

Energy can then be stored in batteries. This stored energy thereby supplements the already present sources of energy in powering the place.

Thus Solar panels can be easily implemented and used judiciously as the hardware required is not much. Also the working is straight-forward and effective.

Benefits of Solar Roof panels

Solar roof panels are increasingly being used on a larger scale. This is due to the abundance in benefits that the solar roof panels provide. There is a variety of profits of solar roof panels which range from easy installation and maintenance to economical affordability and efficiency.

For example, a solar panels can cost around 15,000$ but it can get 250-300$ of electricity over the next 30 years. Thus the investment is highly beneficial.

Some major benefits are highlighted below:

  • Good Conversion efficiency – Solar roof panels are generally have good conversion efficiency though the efficiency changes with respect to the solar panel used. The working materials used are made up for optimum benefits thereby solar roof panelsgenerating the efficiency of panels.
  • Durability – Solar roof panels are laid in structures which are protective to the panels. These structures make the solar roof panels durable and grant them a longer life.
  • Environment Friendly – Solar roof panels use solar energy which is a renewable non-polluting source of energy. There are no emission problems or waste generation defects. Thus the solar roof panels are environmental friendly.
  • Lower Maintenance Issues / costs – Maintenance problems have been overcome in solar roof panels over time. Though the technology is exposed throughout to the environment throughout, there is protection inherent in it to make it averse. They are therefore less prone to damage and maintenance.
  • Affordable – Moreover there are various government subsidies in different countries which encourage the use of solar roof panels. These subsidies further make solar roof panels a good buy. There is only an initial investment that has to be majorly taken care of. This is repaid through electricity cost which are reduced majorly.

Limitations of Solar roof panels

Though Solar panels have a lot of advantages, there are some inherent problems which need to be taken care of. These limitations can be overcome by using newer and more innovative technologies and other alternative energy resources. Some major limitations are listed below:

  • Limitation of usage – The Solar roof panels have a limitation which most of the solar energy based technologies have in common. There is usage limitation as the roof panels are effective only at places which are having abundant exposure to sunlight. Also the roof panels ceases to be of major use at night or on cloudy days.
  • Unreliable – Solar roof panels are mostly viewed as an added on energy alternative rather than a main source. This is because there is no surety of the amount of solar energy that can be trapped and converted.
  • High capital investments – While solar roof panels prove to be money savers in long run, but set-up costs can be high


Solar panels are an elegant and efficient way of using solar energy for electricity generation purposes. Being affordable and easy to implement gives the roof panels an extra edge over other innovative technologies.

Moreover, Solar panels are much more durable and need lesser maintenance. Solar panels are thus a prudent investment which should be on an increase sooner rather than later. Major companies providing the solar roof panel are-Suntech, First Solar, Yingli, Hanwha Solarone, Trina Solar, etc. Most of them provide online services as well.