What is Android Remote Desktop

Smartphones are part of almost everything we do – business, entertainment, knowledge, social networking, etc. In most cases, they must have access to the Internet and to our data. But lately, the Smartphones are being connected even to a computer. We cannot store all our data on our Smartphone. Sometimes we need to access the information, to run a program or a script, to shut down a program or check on the status of some running program on the Computer while we are away. Remote Desktop is a technology that allows us to connect to a remote computer (host computer) in a different location using some networking device like another computer, a tablet PC or even your mobile phone.

Using the Remote Desktop program, you can access all your files, applications and network resources exactly like you do on your home or office computer through your smartphone miles away from the host computer and interact with it as if you are directly using it. This technology is available in iPads, iPhones, Android Devices and Windows Phone.

Android Remote Desktop

Android Smartphones use special Android Remote Desktop apps to connect remotely to your desktop or laptop from anywhere in the world. It makes your work much easier and that too for free. You need to install a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client on your smartphone and get started. A number of such apps are available on the Android market.Android Remote Desktop

While the popularity of Apps keep changing, presently, the top Android Remote Desktop apps are:

  • Xtralogic Remote desktop Client
  • Android VNC Viewer
  • Flash Remote
  • Remote RDP
  • Wyse PocketCloud RDP/VNC
  • 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop
  • Gmote
  • RemoteDroid
  • PC Remote Controller
  • LogMeIn Ignition
  • ShowMyPC Remote Support Access

Advantages of Android Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Capability in an Android Smartphone comes with several advantages. The best thing is that you don’t need to be glued to your computer in order to complete your work. You can work from anywhere using your Android Smartphone and a good

Remote Desktop Client. The advantages of using Remote Desktop on Android are:

  • There is a freedom to work seamlessly from anywhere and anytime without being struck in front of Workstations.
  • You can access your home or workplace computer even when you are travelling.
  • A computer problem can be fixed from a different location without actually working on it.
  • A process or a software application can be demonstrated using just your smartphone.
  • Presentations and statistics can be analyzed, edited and presented through your Android Smartphones.
  • In case of large business organizations, an important software application can be hosted globally so that they can be accessed easily from anywhere without the need of IT experts. But this is possible only with the availability of high speed internet.
  • Important administrative tasks can be performed remotely in times of need.
  • Remote Desktop System will drastically bring down the cost of connecting all the systems in an organisation through wires. Even the number of computers required is not much because much of the work can be accessed remotely through Smartphones and tablets. Thus it is cost effective also.
  • If all the important documents, files and applications are securely kept at one place and are remotely accessed when required, there is not much fear of losing data by theft or disaster. All connections to the host computer are encrypted and continuously monitored to ensure that the data is safe and secured from being hacked.
  • Remote Desktop System is very useful even in industries. Whenever there is a new application or update, it is not required to be installed in all the systems. Only the host computer can be updated and the rest of the systems and mobile devices can access it remotely.
  • Also, in case of a computer problem, it is easy to identify and correct it if it is being used only on the host computer. The other systems and mobiles will be automatically corrected.
  • In the field of education, Remote Desktop System is quite useful. Educational Institutions can offer students the option of distance learning. Students can watch a presentation, listen to lectures and do exercises by getting connected to a system at their school or college.

Drawbacks of Android Remote Desktop

The experience of using Remote Desktop Systems on a phone is not as user friendly as it is through another computer. There are quite a few limitations of Android Remote Desktop which needs to be addressed soon. Some of them are:

  • The biggest problem is that of screen size. Only a part of the screen of the host computer is visible on the Android device, rather than the entire screen as in a full sized client computer. It makes navigation through the screen very difficult.
  • Navigation is also quite difficult because of the fact there is no pointing device such as a mouse. Hence all the operations performed by the mouse like zooming in or out, selecting, right clicking, etc. will have to be done through the keyboard. There is a keyboard combination for all these operations which will have to be memorized.
  • There is a lag in performance through Android Smartphones if the internet speed is not fast enough. This usually happens on a 3G network. Hence performing even routine tasks via remote desktop connection becomes quite tiresome. Disruptive or unreliable network can be quite a headache in Remote Desktop Systems.
  • There is also a risk of the data being hacked if too many systems are remotely connected to the host computer. A little carelessness in monitoring the connections can collapse the entire system.
  • Sometimes the processor of the Smartphone is not strong enough to support efficient Remote Desktop Access.
  • In case of large industries, if a host computer holds all important data and the others are connected to it remotely, then the entire system might collapse in case the remote desktop fails.
  • Usually the Android Smartphones are not able to connect remotely to multiple computers or even if they do, performance suffers due to extra load on the processor of the phone.
  • The administrator must be skilled and have necessary knowledge to fix the problems in Remote connections. Moreover, he should be available at all times.