What is Cloud Service Brokerage?

Cloud services have witnessed an exponential growth. While this has expanded the available options it has also led to complexities for firms looking to avail cloud services. Key ones:

  1. To begin with, there are so many vendors and many new ones are joining the market – how to identify the right vendor? Further, they have their own APIs thus there are compatibility issues.
  2. Fee structure, delivery conditions etc. vary from vendor to vendor thus if a firm has to avail services of multiple cloud vendors, complications increase further
  3. There are different types of cloud services – SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, PaaS, etc. leading to further complications in identification, selection and integration
  4. Costs also balloon with complexities as enterprises start maintaining multiple cloud vendors

Cloud service brokerage is one way to address these issues. A cloud service broker is an intermediate layer between cloud vendors and its users providing various services such as, selection, aggregation, integration, performance management, security, etc.

                                                  Exhibit: What is Cloud service brokerage ?

Key Advantages of cloud service brokerage for enterprises.
It helps in:

  1. Choosing best vendor based on service, cost and other specified parameters
  2. Reducing complexities related to integration of cloud services into business processes irrespective of number of cloud services and type of services
  3. Reducing security risks – take care of authentication, authorization and access control
  4. Reducing operational issues – SLAs, technical help, billing etc, all through single window

Thus a cloud service broker sits above cloud providers, add value reduce complexities and risks for cloud computing customers. Gartner believes that cloud computing brokerage will become single largest cloud service by 2015. Some of the prominent firms in this space are:

  1. Boomi
  2. Jamcracker
  3. Castiron
  4. SnapLogic

There are several other firms in this domain, some of them providing value-add services such as analytics, amazon cloud computing and more, to enhance its effectiveness.