Nanotechnology Adoption: Key Challenges

In industry, innovations and new products are considered a continuation of the past technology. But nanotechnology cannot be typecast as any other industrial innovation. This is not merely a continuation of miniaturization from the micro to nano scale. In fact this is a huge discontinuity. The transition is quite disruptive with respect to analytics, material properties and in concepts. While nanotechnology holds lot of promises and is already impacting lot of industries (from healthcare to consumer goods, etc.) there exists lot of challenges ahead before it reaches its full potential. Some of the challenges that lie in the road ahead of nanotechnology are briefly discussed below:

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How to Identify Right Hybrid Car ?

With the soaring prices of fuel and the rising environmental awareness amongst people, alternate fuels have become a demand. The auto industry has also responded to it by introducing several hybrid cars within the last few years. With the growing market of hybrid cars, the buyers are facing the problem to make the correct decision regarding which hybrid to buy. For their purpose, we have listed down the factors that will help them identify the right hybrid for themselves.

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