Truth About Lowerol: Reviews, Ingredients, Discounts and Much More

Researchers and doctors across the globe agree that high cholesterol is mother of several body disorders some even fatal. The lists is long including heart failures and strokes to start with.

Before even going into other details let’s spend 2 minutes in understanding what cholesterol is. 

The cholesterol mystery

Cholesterol in simple terms is kind of fat and our body cell need it (yes, they do!). Whenever body needs it makes it. There is another way we get cholesterol in body – through food we eat. Not every kind of cholesterol is bad and thus it is categorized into two – 1) good cholesterol 2) bad cholesterol 

good and bad cholesterol

What happens when you have high cholesterol, it will simply start accumulating in your arteries (tubes carrying blood away from heart). This is where the problem starts. This deposit can cause various issues starting from hardening of arteries (atherosclerosis) to severe issues such as heart attack and stroke when the arteries eventually are completely blocked.

The major issue with cholesterol is it in itself does not have a symptom and thus people would know it unless they get regular tests done. You may have cholesterol and you may live perfectly normal life till it leads to other issues such as atherosclerosis etc.

It is no secret that heart attack and stroke kills millions (yes millions) of people across the globe every year. In US alone heart attacks were responsible for close to 800,000 deaths in 2011. It is No.1 cause of death. 

While it is a matter of concern what we can do about it? The solution is 2 step:

  • Get regular checkups to know if you have high cholesterol or not. Common myth is thin people do not have cholesterol, but that’s incorrect.
  • Change lifestyle and take other measures to control your cholesterol if its high.

truth about cholesterol

There are many ways one can control cholesterol. Here we are herbal supplements like Lowerol come into picture. Lets discuss more about it now.

What is Lowerol?

Lowerol which is product of Napiers, one of the oldest and well respected herbal supplement firm based in UK. It is 100% natural and uses red yeast to help lower and then maintain cholesterol at normal levels. 

Lowerol in a nutshell is a high cholesterol supplement. What it means is that helps in lowering your body’s cholesterol level and thus lowerol1saving you from various kinds of possible complications caused due to cholesterol increase.

What are its ingredients?

The key ingredient in Lowerol is Monacolin K from red yeast rice. This is known to reduce cholesterol levels. This claim is approved too.

European Commission when presented this case to Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies and asked them to verify the claim if Monacolin K from red yeast rice helps in maintaining lower cholesterol. The panel after research came up with the conclusion that it does indeed help. They were able to establish a clear cause and effect relationship between them.

Other research studies done across the world also indicate the same that Monacolin K from red yeast rice is indeed helpful for cholesterol lowering. 

This leaves only one thing to consider while buying a Monacolin K supplement – how genuine are the ingredients. This is an important question to ask as market is full of spurious supplements which claim to be effective.

This is where the long tradition of 150 years Napiers in delivering great products / supplements in market year after year comes into picture. The company is relied by thousands of people taking their supplements. The supplement Lowerol is made using quality ingredients and in best available approved facilities. 

Our recommendation

High cholesterol is a menace and should be controlled as soon as possible. Lowerol provides a great natural way to do so without side effects. Further the supplement is approved by European Commission thus indicating its genuine nature. 

Where to buy?

Lowerol is only available through Napiers Lowerol website. This also ensures that you do not end up buying spurious supplements from fake sellers. Do not worry if you are not UK based, Lowerol is shipped across the world through reliable shipping. 

Offers and discounts

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